Education in Faith


Our Catholic faith is witnessed, celebrated, taught and valued.

  • Students are encouraged to live the Gospel values by showing respect for all.
  • Students are encouraged to develop a strong prayer life through regular prayer, experiences and celebrations.


At Antonine College, prayer and liturgy forms an integral part of school life. Staff, students and parents regularly attend school and parish liturgies where students have the opportunity to actively participate in the prayers, readings and singing. Classroom teachers also encourage formal and informal prayer by praying daily with their students.


The central aim of the Religious Education program is to help our students develop a conscious, loving relationship with God, in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit. We are committed as a Maronite Catholic learning community, based on the life of Saint Maroun to sustaining and celebrating our faith through Prayer, Liturgy, the Scriptures, Sacraments and Social Justice programs.

The domain of Religious Education is situated within the discipline-based learning strand which contains three dimensions of religious learning:

  • Religious knowledge and understanding (TO KNOW)
  • Reasoning and responding (TO WORSHIP)
  • Personal and communal engagement (TO LOVE)


Primary and Secondary student leaders have opportunities to volunteer and lead others in the Community Engagement and Justice Program which is conducted throughout the school. This program allows students to engage in activities within the school and also with our wider community that has its foundation principle, “It is in giving that we receive.” (St Francis of Assisi)

It encourages students to become more world aware and challenges and to serve the needs of others. It allows them to be exposed to situations outside of their everyday experiences. Each year, students in Year 11 also participate in a weeklong Social Awareness Week.


A summary of some of the activities that students participate in are outlined below:

  • St Ambrose Parish Foodbank
  • Cedar Campus Tutoring
  • National Young Leaders Day
  • St Paul’s Hostel
  • Ozanam House Community Centre
  • Year 11 Social Awareness Week
  • Student Social Justice Day at ACU
  • Kidsview Justice Schools Conference
  • Project Compassion fundraising and awareness


All these activities provide great opportunities for our students to become more engaged in the community and to challenge issues of justice within our society.

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