Antonine Sisters History


The Antonine cloistered nuns of the Antonine Order existing in Lebanon at the very beginning of the 18th century are at the origin of our Antonine Sisters’ Congregation which became apostolic in 1940. Mother Isabelle Khoury (1878-1953) of Jezzine, South Lebanon, was the source of the apostolic impulse, to devote herself to the service of the men and women of her time.


On May 10, 1932, Mother Isabelle Khoury and Sister Myriam Aoun, at their request and approved by the general council of the Antonine Order, left the monastery of Saint Anthony of Padua of Jezzine to settle in the convent of Mar Doumith at Roumieh-Metn which became the Mother House of the Antonine Sisters. The 10th of April 1940, the Antonine Sisters were authorized to begin an apostolic life out of the convent.


In 1980, a group of four Antonine Sisters arrived to Australia to serve the Maronite community in Melbourne. Ensured by the Maronite Parish of Our Lady of Lebanon Parish located in Thornbury, Melbourne, the Sisters contribute to the parish life, Christian initiation, liturgical life , pastoral activities, formed a choir, cared for families, visited sick and established Arabic and cultural Saturday School.


Drawing from the Maronite tradition and from the Lebanese patrimony, the Antonine Sisters Mission favours interactions between the values of the Orient and the Occident in a world seeking for peace. The Sisters ministered to the Maronite and non-Maronite communities alike.  Antonine Sisters mission did not hesitate to expand their wings in different fields of action such as:



The Antonine Sisters established a Child Care Centre, which serves as an integral pastoral component of the community.The Centre is open all year round, Monday to Friday From 7:00am to 6:00pm. The Program is bilingual, Arabic and English and the capacity is 50 children ranging in ages from 8 months to 5 years.


The Antonine Sisters Child Care Centre is to be an oasis where spirituality radiates and a centre of intercultural exchange. 







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