Parent Access Module (PAM)

Antonine College is proud to announce the release of our new Parent Access Module (PAM). PAM will provide parents and guardians with quick, easy and confidential access to their child’s academic program, results timetable as well as attendance and punctuality records.

With the introduction of PAM, as a parent you will now be able to view the following information within SIMON, through PAM:

  • Daily messages and upcoming events
  • Knowledge banks (PAM user guide will be continually updated and available here)
  • School links
  • Student information and timetable
  • Behavioural Tracking
  • Student attendance
  • Student Assessment and reporting
  • Student commendations
  • Learning areas
  • Parent Teacher Online Bookings

Each of these sections of PAM will allow you to see and become involved with everything that your children are involved with at school.

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