Student Wellbeing

Gospel values are reflected in our daily practices

Approaches to Student Wellbeing at Antonine College

It is our mission to work together:

  • To provide a comprehensive education in a secure and caring environment in which every person can grow and develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically, and where the Gospel values are reflected in our daily practices
  • To provide a curriculum that caters for individual needs through a range of experiences suited to diverse learning needs
  • To develop, in each member of the College community, an awareness of the value of lifelong learning
  • To develop a caring, family atmosphere in which the partnership between the home and the College is promoted
  • To foster respectful relationships among students, staff and others associated with the College in a spirit of cooperation, trust and responsibility
  • To provide opportunities for engagement in a deeper awareness of our cultural heritage, especially through the study of languages
  • To be a place where diversity is celebrated, differences are welcomed and the value of every individual as a child of God is affirmed
  • To provide opportunities for all to experience success in learning, to participate in decision making, to become competent in life skills and to act cooperatively as active and socially-responsible citizens

Restorative Practices

Restorative Justice helps lead us to achieve our vision of a supportive, positive and challenging environment in which children can achieve their best. We agree that:

  1. Quality relationships maximise learning.
  2. Establishing clear expectations about behaviour and backing these with high support for teachers, children and parents helps create a positive learning environment.
  3. When things go wrong there is always the chance to be reintegrated with our beliefs and values.
  4. It is essential that we work together to solve problems so that a sense of community is lived.
  5. Positive behaviour management assists us to implement and integrate the principles of restorative justice providing practical strategies and support for teachers, parents and children.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program works to aid Year 7 students with the effective transition into secondary schooling life. Twelve  Year 11 leaders assume the role of teacher/mentor to small groups of Year 7 students and are accountable for preparing the delivery of engaging lessons for their respective peer support groups every fortnight. It is hoped the program instills students with confidence and social skills within the school environment.

Supporting student connection to school through their local community.

Antonine College recognises the importance of students feeling connected to their college and has established ties and programs with the local community to enhance and support this connection for students and parents. Students who feel an attachment to their school have better educational and social outcomes than those who don’t.  The college has established wellbeing partnerships and programs to engage all students whilst creating an environment where students feel comfortable and supported. Examples of community partnerships include Arabic Welfare’s outreach and parenting support programs aimed at building social cohesion and parenting engagement skills of the Antonine community. We also have strong ties and regular presentations to students by Headspace in Glenroy and Brunswick Police,  these have been beneficial for all students and has introduced them to other avenues for support if needed. 

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