Instrumental Program

Antonine College Instrumental Program

Owing to the success of the expansion of the Instrumental Program, we’d like to share a few updates with you. Firstly the uptake of students into the program has been excellent with many enrolments. Students’ learning, enjoyment and commitment within the program has elevated and has resulted in great levels of engagement. We continue to see improvements in self-esteem, creativity, self-expression, confidence and teamwork.

Extra-curricular activities such as Band Club and performances at Harmony Day and similar celebration days have also grown. Thus creating many opportunities for students to showcase their learning and gain even more confidence and self-esteem. We plan on increasing the number of these events as student interest has hit new highs. As we approach second half of the school year and year’s end we have a number of these events scheduled.

As demand is high, we’ve appointed a permanent Drums/Percussion/Instrumental Music Teacher in Lee Parker. Lee has brought a great deal of experience and engagement to the school and has made excellent and strong connections with the students and staff. Together with Dany Chamoun, Camille El Feghali and the General Music Staff we now have a full team of experts.

About Lee Parker:

My instrument is the drum kit, which I began playing in my early teens. I completed a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland University of Technology and have been playing in groups since. I have been teaching music for over ten years, privately and at several primary schools/music schools throughout Melbourne. Some of my private students began lessons with me while in Prep, and I’ve been lucky enough to continue teaching them for nearly a decade, seeing their playing develop and serve them well in high school ensembles.

About Dany Chamoun:

I’m a classically trained concert pianist with many years of experience in teaching and performance. I’ve taught at Antonine for two decades and have formed strong connections with students, teachers and parents at the school. I’ve consistently observed students gain confidence and self-belief through their piano lessons which they then take into other areas of life and learning.

About Camille El Feghali:

I am a musician and music producer that specialises in Arabic music, with many years of experience in Australia, Lebanon, and Europe. The instruments I teach include the Qanun, Oud, Violin, Nay, Buzuq, Derbakke, Riq, and synthesizer. I like to keep music fun, and I encourage students to think in a very modern way while incorporating elements of their tradition. I am very active in the Melbourne music scene, with many decent connections with Venues and other musicians from all different backgrounds including first nations.

General Benefits:

Learning an instrument is beneficial in so many ways. It improves our patience and strengthens our perseverance. Most of all, it helps us understand how applying effort can result in something we’re proud of and enjoy doing. Playing and performing music with other people is like learning a language together; we listen with close attention and we respond creatively. There’s a lot of respect involved.

Performing for an audience can have a profound effect on one’s character. We often feel daunted by the idea of it, but we learn to find our focus and overcome the intimidation, which is often a liberating, exhilarating feeling. It can help us gain confidence in ways that carry over into other aspects of life and learning