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African Drumming Incursion and Performance

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

The highlight of the incursion was performing in front of the school under the shade when everyone was all together. We when we got to practice, we were able to learn and be prepared for the performance. What I learnt about drumming is the different parts of the instrument and how to hit it to make specific noises whether I hit it light or harder to make a different timbre. The strengths of the program were practicing a lot of times until we got used to it and got better. What could be improved was if we weren’t shy on the day we performed and if we were relaxed it would have sounded better and we would be happier. I enjoyed giving the performance to the Year 7students because it helped improve our confidence then the Harmony Day was better because we got over our fear and gained confidence. The incursion related to the theme of Harmony Day because we got to use to playing different instruments from different countries, like the durbake and the African drum. I rated this incursion 6 out of 10 because when we played in front of the school, we were a bit shy and we just played, and it wasn’t loud it was very quiet. - By Yash

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