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Earth Care - The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL)

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Earth Care Tip #2 - The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL)

Have you ever been confused with what parts of a product that we can recycle and can’t? You may start to notice some changes on the packaging for everyday items. The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) is an evidence-based system for Australia and New Zealand, that provides you with easy to understand recycling information when you need it most. It removes confusion, saves you time and reduces waste going to landfill.

There are now three different types of label classifications.

The ARL removes recycling confusion. When we dispose of our waste correctly, we keep contamination out of the recycling stream and recyclable material away from landfill.

Take some time the next time you are throwing away your packaging to identify whether the whole package can be recycled, part can be recycled or can’t be recycled at all.

Together we can help leave a greener footprint on this world.

You can find more information here:

Happy recycling!

- Cedar Campus Earth Care Team

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