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F-6 Mother’s Day Prayer Service and Assembly

Monday, May 09, 2022

On Monday 9th May Cedar Campus had their first F-6 Assembly for 2022! Students came together to celebrate our mother’s and acknowledge the amazing mothers who work and teach at Antonine College. Students from Foundation and Year one sang a beautiful song and students in Year two read out poems dedicated to the mother figures in their lives. Not only was it a great celebration of our mothers but it was an amazing opportunity for us as a school to be able to come together once again and celebrate, sing and acknowledge the different things students are doing across the school. During assembly we were able to display student artworks from Harmony Day and introduce an amazing fundraiser that is set to take place in Week 7. We are looking forward to many more assemblies and prayer services altogether as one. - Ms Khattar

إن أعذب ما تحدثه الشفاه البشرية هو لفظة الأم، وأجمل مناداة هي: يا أمي، كلمة صغيرة كبيرة مملوءة بالأمل والحب والانعطاف، وكل ما في القلب البشري من الرقة والحلاوة والعذوبة
جبران خليل جبران

- Mrs Rima Atme

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