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General Maths Excursion

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Year 11 General Maths excursion to Quantum Victoria

On the 9th and 10th of March the Year 11 General Maths cohort went on an excursion to Quantum Victoria, where we learned about graphs and their purpose for real-life situations. We were first introduced to the staff and the program we would use to do the investigation. Using a simulation, we could model to see how quickly a virus can spread. In our case, we modelled and measured how long it would take zombies to infect a population of humans.

We were able to consider different variables that could affect the spread of this infection such as, the running speed of humans, the chase speed of zombies, the strength/chance of immunity, and the amount of time that it took for the infection to complete. By testing each of these variables, we were able to investigate how the variables accelerated or delayed the spread of infection. We were then able to use these investigations to create the “strongest zombie”.

The mentors guided us through the experiment, and this helped us understand the importance of the data from graphs and how to read the information. It was worthwhile to see the use for graphs in the process of collecting the data and setting up the variables.

- Youseff Ahmar

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