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GoGreen Sustainability Summit

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

On Tuesday, 30 August, 19 student leaders from Year 5, 6 and 7 attended the first GoGreen Sustainability Summit. This summit was organised by students and staff at the Mazenod Schools and was held fully online. There were students there from all over the country, along with information and presentations from companies, non-profit organisations and other sustainability initiatives. Even though we had some technical difficulties at first, we soon logged onto the platform where we could interact in an online-safe manner with all the other students through chat rooms and forums. There was a scavenger hunt with points we could collect for watching videos, posting content or collaborating with other students, and the students with the most points could win prizes at the end. Sadly, none of us won prizes, but we did learn a lot. We came away from the summit with many good ideas for improving our sustainability at Antonine College.

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend this conference, and we look forward to continuing to discuss these ideas with each other and with Ms Mori (Cedar Campus) and Ms Athaide (St Joseph’s Campus) for the rest of this year, in hope of putting some of them into action next year.

- Student reflection: Rafael, Ben, Andre, Laith, Angi, Esther, Isabelle, Jacob, Maria, Catalina, Natalya, Gabriel, Jawad, Nahme, Marisya, Abiel, Qusai, Michelle, and Ella

- Ms Mori Milholland

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