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Lebanese Cultural Day

Friday, November 25, 2022

On the 22nd of November it was Lebanese Independence Day. It represents the day Lebanon became its own country and wasn't governed by the French. Every year at our school we celebrate this day by making traditional Lebanese food, doing activities, and wearing the colours of the Lebanese flag. This year we made delicious Zaatar on wholemeal dough and had a prayer service in the morning. My favourite part of this day was making our own zaatars, I really enjoyed spreading the Zaatar on the dough and watching it cook on the Saj.

- Mary Rose 6A

يوم الثلاثاء احتفلنا بعيد استقلال لبنان. حضرت الأمهات العجين ونحن وضعنا الزعتر على العجين وخبزنا المنقوشة على الصاج وأكلناها.

في الاستراحة، بعض التلاميذ عزفوا الموسيقى على الطبل ورقصنا الدبكة.

زينة النصير

Antonine College had so much fun on Lebanese day. We enjoyed dressing up in all the Lebanese colours. We really enjoyed making zaatar on the sajj . My favourite part was blasting jeno nito in class. On lunch time students were playing the Tabel while teachers and other students were doing the dabke.

- Miriam Bodagh 3B

Lebanese Day was a fun day; it is when we celebrate the independence of Lebanon. The best part is when we made zaatar. We thank Sister Veronique, all the parents and teachers for making them. I also enjoyed dancing to the music.

- George Farhah 3B

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