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Lebanon Fundraiser

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Day of Prayer for Lebanon

"Pray for Lebanon"
United with His Holiness Pope Francis, and in response to the invitation of the Assembly of the Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Lebanon, our Maronite Diocese announces Thursday 1st July 2021, as a day of prayer in Churches, Monasteries, and in homes for Lebanon, and we call on all Maronite parishes to hold prayers seeking the intercession of Lebanon’s saints, for the intention of Lebanon and its people on this day.
So, our Parish will have Adoration on Thursday 1st July to be Livestreamed on our Facebook Page as well as on YouTube. Join us and all Churches around the world, including Pope Francis in Rome, as we unite in prayer for Lebanon.
At 8.00pm on Wednesday night 30th June (tomorrow), Monsignor Joe will talk about this special occasion during his weekly Bible Studies, which you can also watch on Facebook or YouTube. We encourage you all to watch, participate and pray for Lebanon.

"نصلي من أجل لبنان "

متحدين مع قداسة البابا فرنسيس، وتلبية لدعوة مجلس البطاركة والأساقفة الكاثوليك في لبنان، تعلن أبرشيتنا

المارونية تكريس نهار الخميس ١ تموز 202١ يوم صلاة في الكنائس والأديار وفي المنازل من أجل لبنان،

وندعو جميع الرعايا المارونية الى إقامة الصلوات سائلين شفاعة قديسي لبنان، على نية لبنان وشعبه.

وعلى هذه النيّة سيكون هناك ساعة سجود وصلاة في كنيسة سيّدة لبنان يوم الخميس ١ تموز، وسيتمّ

عرضها مباشرة على صفحة الرّعيّة على الفايسبوك

ويوتيوب. ونطلب من جميع أبناء الرّعيّة مشاركتنا،

متّحدين مع كلّ الكنائس حول العالم بالصلاة

على نيّة لبنان.

كما سيتكلّم المونسنيور جو عن هذه المناسبة المميزة

خلال السهرة الإنجيلية الأسبوعية الّتي يتم عرضها

صفحتي الفايسبوك واليوتيوب الخاصتين بالرعيّة،

وذلك يوم الأربعاء 30 حزيران )غدًا( عند الساعة

8:00 مساءً.

لنتّحد بالصلاة على نيّة خلاص لبنان وشعبه.

Lebanon Fundraiser

A fantastic joint effort! $5929 was raised by the Our Lady of Lebanon Church and Antonine College Community.

Led by Antonine College’s Faith Club, students and staff at Antonine College were challenged to put their faith into action to assist their homeland, Lebanon, amidst its political, economic, and humanitarian crisis. Supported by the Maronite community in Melbourne and alumni students, our Foundation to Year 12 students collected monetary donations and various supplies including non-perishable food and hygiene products to assist an orphanage run by the Antonine Sisters in Lebanon.

Year 10 Faith and Social Justice Leaders, Amani and Emmy reflect on what motivated them to initiate the fundraiser -

“Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same” (Luke 3:11).

We were taught as a Catholic community to help those in need whenever we can, and during such a hard time for those in Lebanon, we saw an opportunity to offer as much help as we could. Furthermore, being part of Faith Club helped us understand more about having sympathy towards others, and so we wanted to put this into action. We initiated this fundraiser with the hope that we could make a change in this world.

As refugees, we also went through some hard times where we needed some help, thus this helped us understand more about what it feels like to be in genuine need. We now can give, and we wanted to contribute and put our hands together to help those in need. Lastly, the fact that many people are unaware of others’ need allowed us to further want to raise an awareness in our society so we can change the world.

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