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National Young Leaders Day

Thursday, June 03, 2021

On Tuesday 24 May the Year 6 Captains went to the Melbourne Convention Centre to celebrate National Young Leaders Day and hear speeches from several people who have made a difference to the world. There were around 3500 students and over 50 schools attending. There were some famous people too, including the 4 time premiership footballer Jordan Lewis, Firefighter Assistant Commissioner Michelle Young, the famous songwriter and author Josh Pyke, and even the one and only Jimmy Giggle from the popular show on channel 22: Giggle and Hoot!

In the end the captains got signed posters from Josh Pyke, and even a photo with Jimmy Giggle! We learnt so much from the speakers including that to be a strong leader you must work hard and be persistent! It was an excellent day out.

- Rafael Osta

Year 6 Captain

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