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Read More in May Competition

Thursday, June 25, 2020

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This year the Read More in May Challenge took a new approach in response to remote learning throughout most of term 2. Held annually as part of National Family Reading Month, the challenge is organized and sponsored by Scholastic - the educational publishing company who provide our Book Club and Book Fair services.

Over the term 1 holiday break Scholastic made the decision not to run the challenge for 2020. Knowing that the challenge has become a much-anticipated event on the Cedar Campus library calendar, I decided to run our own Antonine College version with two book pack prizes for every classroom at Cedar Campus.

The first Seesaw remote leaning activity for all Foundation to Year 6 students was to create a calendar upon which they could record their daily reading for each of the thirty-one days in May. Using the worked examples provided, the students were very imaginative and resourceful in the creation of their calendars. One that I was most impressed by was a calendar made from a paper shopping bag from a boutique store complete with built in handle to hang it up by!

To be eligible for a chance of winning a prize, the students not only had to read for ten minutes each day in May and mark it on their calendar, but also have a parent sign the calendar at the end of the challenge and submit it by a photograph posted to Seesaw or bringing it into school.

In total ninety-eight students submitted their final calendar. Special mention must go to Year 1B who had the highest number of participants - 14 out of 24 students. Well done on a fantastic effort!

All students who participated will receive a commendation on their SIMON student profile.

Congratulations to the following students who were the individual classroom winners.

  • Foundation A: Bernadette Hurmiz and Ibrahim El Saleh
  • Foundation B: Rafka Hadchity and Samir Abi-Nohra
  • Year 1A: Ellie Mokbel and Antonio Elsheik
  • Year 1B: Edwina Mokbel and Charbel Tarabay
  • Year 2A: Jaida Nasrallah and Rami Kudadi
  • Year 2B: Daniella Rustom and Emmanuel Jreich
  • Year 3A: Veronica Abi-Nohra and Merhej Halabi
  • Year 3B: Vanessa Hadchiti and Cruz Semaan
  • Year 4A: Catalina Kanati and Joud Rustom
  • Year 4B: Josephine Mokbel and Maria Khabbazeh
  • Year 4C: Esther El Fakhry and Andrew Mokbel
  • Year 5A: Mia Azzi and Rafael Osta
  • Year 5B: Ronella Ablahad and Marvin Tabet
  • Year 5C: Mikayla Hawas and Angelo Haddad
  • Year 6A: Angelina Saade and Peter Mourani
  • Year 6B: Estelle Farah and Isabella Chahda

Mr Kelly

Teacher Librarian F - 6

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