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Remote Learning Arabic Activities

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Despite the challenges of lockdowns and moving from In classroom face to face to online learning; we managed to maintain an innovative, creative and engaging environment for our students to continue learning Arabic.

With the technology available for us to use, alongside the applications such as; Seesaw, Teams, Languagenut, Kahoot and Quizlet we are able to deliver our lessons and more importantly engage our students and get them to participate and gain the skills of learning another language.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities that took place at Cedar campus online learning

The letter ق

Activity: Use items from around your house such as toys, socks, bowls, spoons, etc. to make a big letter ق. Sit on the floor next to your huge letter and smile for a nice photo.

فطوري المفضل

Prepare your own meal and talk about it.

Year five art introduction to Arabic Art. They created art piece by writing their names and combining few shapes to create Arabesque

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