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St Joseph Campus building update

Monday, June 21, 2021

Blessing of St Joseph Campus Building Works

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our planned event to Bless the new building works at St Joseph campus due to lockdown. Instead, we will bless the building works privately with Mon. Joe once we can have visitors on site.

However, we can share photos and videos both of the works that have been completed as part of Stage 1 and the works to start towards the end of this year as part of Stage 2.

Sr Mariette’s Blessing of Building Works Speech:

Once again, we have proof that anything is possible when people join forces and unite with goodwill. We all have to follow our dreams, and where there is the Will and Faith in God, the dreams will come true.

Our College theme, FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU, is exactly what our Antonine Sisters tried to live by when they first arrived in Melbourne in 1980.

We, Antonine Sisters, have lived and worked with you for over 40 years now, with the goal of helping our students create a better future for themselves by providing them with good education and good facilities. Our results are becoming more and more visible. We have worked hard for the good of our students, our parents and our Maronite Community. But none of that would be possible without the support and the donations from our friends - good people from all around the wider Lebanese Community and the guidance and blessing of our Congregational Leaders in Lebanon.

This year (since 2020 was mostly in lockdown), the Antonine Sisters will celebrate their 40 year anniversary. We started with the Childcare in 1986, then we purchased the primary school, Cedar Campus, in 1998 and over time we added classrooms and facilities including an Atrium, to fulfil the need of our students. With the hard work of our Antonine Sisters and the staff, we continued to expand. In 2002, Trinity Campus, year 7 to 10 in Brunswick was established. Our student numbers increased and so we bought St Joseph Campus Pascoe Vale in 2010.

As part of Stage 1, we have built 10 Classrooms, 4 offices, a new canteen and in addition to that, we renovated the administration building. Of course, we are planning more building and improvements to come as we embark on the construction of Stage 2 on St Joseph Campus.

We Bless the Stage 1 building works and thank all those who helped us to build it.

I would especially like to thank Robert Smith and Tammy Beck from Williams Ross Architects, who contributed their expertise, creativity and experience. I also thank our contractors from Delroy Constructions especially Mr Nafez Taouk. I thank Chris McCulloch, our Business Manager who worked hard to reach our goal in a short time.

However, this blessing does not mean the end of construction works. We have only finished the first phase. We have done a lot and, God willing, we will continue with the construction according to plan, because our mission is to do good deeds and provide excellent care for the students.

May we trust in God as we work together to help the Antonine College Community grow in Faith, Knowledge and virtue. We ask this prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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