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St Joseph Earth Warriors - Red Cycle Program

Monday, October 24, 2022

This month the Earth Warriors have actively participated in a variety of projects to better the earth while contributing and discussing as a team. Some of these projects include of creating posters from our school bins to differentiate what should and shouldn’t go in the recycling, ordering paper recycling bins to place into classrooms and finally picking up Red Cycle plastics to recycle at our local Woolworths. Although this doesn’t seem like much it has had an effect on students to keep the earth as sustainable as possible and fight the climate crisis.

- Hannibal Diab 8B

Thank you to those teachers who accommodated the Earth Warriors as they collected soft plastics to send to the Red Cycle Program. This plastic will be used to make park benches and roads. We collected two whole bags, which will be taken to Woolies!

- Ms Stephanie Hartnup

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