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St Joseph Stage 2 Building Project September Update

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Substantial progress has been made in the construction & it is now possible to see outline of the building. These photos provide an early view of the future.

First Floor 1 is taken from the Art & Design rooms looking towards the passage from the existing classrooms. As well as 3 specialist rooms & storage, there will be an open area for display. This will surround the stairs from the ground floor, seen as a hole in the floor in the left side of the photo.

First Floor 2 is taken from existing passage alongside the Dance Studio & Room 20 & looking north. A new light filled passage will move past 2 classrooms on the left & another classroom, students lockers & staffroom on the right. A second ramp will take us to the display area & Art & Design rooms.

Gym from the entry shows an early ground floor view of the enclosed double courts.

Gym 2 is taken looking down from a first floor Art room above the main entry.

Gym 3 is taken from the northern wall looking across to the student entry.

Gym Northern Wall shows the patterns on the concrete wall, not an ordinary plain wall.

- Mr Chris McCulloch

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