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Staff Wellbeing Focus Meeting

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

On Wednesday May 25 we had a Staff Wellbeing Focus Meeting. The College would like to recognise the importance of staff wellbeing by hosting a meeting with a wellbeing focus each term.

This term we wanted to provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in an activity that makes them feel good and that promotes mindfulness, relaxation, health, happiness or fun. Thanks to Rebecca Ferraro for initiating and supporting the organisation at Saint Joseph Campus and to Adele Chamoun, Jess Doumit and Kassie Mourtzios for their preparation and willingness to lead the quiz afternoon at Cedar.

The Wellbeing Teacher Magazine recently posted some articles about the benefits of team sport and practicing the Arts for positive wellbeing. If you are interested see below:

Please see photos of staff playing basketball, participating in a walking group, mindfulness colouring and joining their groups in the Cedar Quiz Afternoon.

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