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The Antonine Sisters Order Appeal for Beirut

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Antonine Sisters Order Appeal for Beirut

We wish to thank all those who have donated so far towards the Antonine Sisters Order Appeal for Beirut. To date $35,548 has been donated and this (along with other money to come) will be sent to Lebanon. This is a fantastic effort and we know that many more of you have pledged future support. The Antonine Sisters Order is concentrating on providing emergency shelter but has found the two more urgent needs have been for care packages with basic necessities and for hot cooked meals which are prepared in the Convents and School facilities then distributed to the families in need. The care packages include basic sanitary and personal hygiene supplies with items like nappies, masks, basic food supplies in most need. They have also helped to coordinate clean-up efforts for those who lost businesses and homes – actually organising clean up teams from their school communities. We attached some photos of the Antonine Sisters and their work. We will update you with the total amount to be sent at the end of August. Thank you again to all who donated. God bless you.

Antonine Youth and Caritas

Yesterday, Antonine Youth and Caritas of Lebanon celebrated Mass for the intention of victims of the explosion in Beirut praying for the heartbreak experienced by so many families. Father Michel Abboud, President of Caritas was the celebrant. We have also included these photos above.

Alumni Students raising helping during this cause

We thank Krystal Hosri, an Antonine College Alumni who saw our message about the fundraising for the Antonine Sisters Order in Lebanon and began a fundraising effort herself. She started making masks at home and selling them to help raise money for the Antonine Sisters Order. She has raised close to $2700 towards this cause, which is a fantastic effort.

We are very proud to hear that Alumni students Jawad, Rami and Joelle Abou Zeid have gone to Lebanon with their parents, Fadi and May Abou Zeid, to take part in some volunteer charity work. We share this clip with you so you can see what they will do in Lebanon. The clip also features one of our Awards Night Sponsors, Fadi Zouki, as well. What great examples these families are! We wish them all the very best and a safe return home


If you are in a position to donate to the International Lebanese Medical Association, please click here

If you are in a position to donate to the Antonine Sisters Order who have opened schools & convents to families please click here

If you are in a position to donate to the Maronites on Mission Appeal who have setup for those in need in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion please click here

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