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ThinkUKnow CyberSafety Incursion

Monday, April 04, 2022

On Monday, 4 April students in Years 3-6 had a visit from Constables Pat McCorry and Jill Kilpatrick from Victoria Police. Thankfully no one was in trouble, and no one got arrested! It was a very interesting session, however, all about online safety. Students compared keeping themselves safe in the real world (e.g. not leaving the door to your house wide open) with keeping themselves online, and reflected that we are not always as careful online as we are in the real world. They learned about using privacy settings and the “report” feature on most child-safe websites and apps, and about what is and is not safe to post. Students discussed what cyberbullying is, and how they can take action if it happens to them or someone they know. There was a lot of interest when the police officers reminded students that many apps and websites they know—such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat and Minecraft—have a minimum age of 13 to be registered, and for most of these parents cannot override this permission. At the end of the session, Year 6 students were given an “internet license” on a lanyard. These students now know how to be safe online, but like a driver’s license, the “internet license” can be revoked if students are being unsafe.

If parents would like any additional information about the ThinkUKnow program or cybersafety, we encourage them to look up resources at and

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