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VALTA Awards

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

This year, our students participated in the "VALTA" competition which organised by the Victorian Arabic Language Teachers Association and titled "My Grandmother's Shawl". Topics varied from one student to another, such as Holidays, Religious Events, Poems, Favourite Sports, and other activities. The outcome of this competition was honourable results for the majority of students, and it came as follows: Grace Isaac, Hannibal Diab, Emma Al-Rasheed, Georges Farhah, Maryam Minas, Amani AlKichani, Kreste Yaeqoub, and Emmy Yaeqoub.

Also, we have re-introduced the Cultural Musical Activities to the Arabic language curriculum with the guidance of Mr Camille Feghali, who prepared and trained the students to sing and play musical instruments, and they presented different performances in the classes, including the song of Bint Al-Shalabiya for year 9, which was presented in this issue.


- Mrs Layla Moussallem Issa

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