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Victorian Primary Parliamentary Convention

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

On the 14th of June, Thomas & I had the privilege to attend the Victorian Student’s Parliamentary Program Primary Schools’ Convention at the Victorian Parliament house. We loved the experience! They taught us more about parliament, and we even got to speak with experts & honourable Members of Parliament, who explained more things than we already know.

We were allowed into the Legislative Assembly (or “Lower House”), where we sat and debated about whether the State or Federal government should have control over school education. We had a really fun and friendly chat/debate with students from 24 other schools all over the state. After many sessions and discussions we had the final vote, and the verdict was 60 - 6, for State government to continue being responsible for school education. Our school voted for State government, so we were happy we won!

We also got to take some cool pictures in the Legislative Council (or “Upper House”), right next to the Queen’s chair (only she or the Governor General can actually sit in it). We couldn’t ask for any more! This was an amazing experience, and we even got to keep some cool souvenirs. If you and your family have an opportunity over the holidays, we suggest you take a trip into Melbourne to visit Parliament House.

- Maria Khabbazeh 6A and Thomas Harika 6B

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