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Work Experience 2021

Monday, May 03, 2021

It was both a pleasure and relief for the current Year 10 students to participate in Work Experience from Monday 3 until Friday 7 May.

This year students were generally very well organised having completed the necessary preparation tasks including securing a placement with employers. It was particularly difficult for students to be accepted into workplaces given the restrictions in many industries, yet all our students were placed.

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the Antonine community and our local community of employers who welcomed our students into their workplaces.

Many students were accepted into retail settings and employers commented on student’s excellent punctuality and eagerness to assist with tasks at work. Some of these students left such an impression they were offered work in supermarkets, shoe store and hospitality.

Work experience also gave students the opportunities and insight to careers such as primary school teaching, child care, architecture, carpentry, health, engineering, accounting, real estate, sport and law. Many of these students have developed networks with the employer and a keen interest to further studies in these areas.

Students approached work experience with maturity and an inquiring mind that impressed many employers. Some of the highlights in workplaces included a student who travelled to South Australia to work with a construction management team, 3 students worked with Williams Ross Architects and developed a design project which was presented to the Architectural team and Ms Bacash.

Ms Josie Rovetto

Year 7 – Year 12 Careers & Pathways Coordinator

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