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Year 10-12 Arabic Cultural and Academic Activities

Thursday, August 18, 2022

We have a set of academic and cultural activities completed by students of St. Joseph Campus, which are directly related to learning the Arabic language and its civilisation and the history of Australia as well.

First, all students of year 11/12 have presented a set of projects related to the Arabic language curriculum, and one of the most important of these achievements is the project of the indigenous Australian people. They conducted research on the origins of this people, where did they come from? What is its original language? Its religion? Their social and political life, their relationship with the environment, and other key points that made our students get to know more about the original Australian people to which they belong.

Also, year 10 students, who studies unit 1 and 2 Arabic have learned about the profession and their future studies and complete projects under the title “My future career” and presented their work to the class, and their results were very honourable.

- Ms Layla Moussallem Issa

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