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Year 10 Group Session Ballroom Dancing

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

This video provides another sneak peek at the progress of our Year 10 dance lessons at Vogue Dance Studio. Mrs M is doing a fine job at inspiring our students with some Salsa and Swing. The butterflies have disappeared as once nervous beginners have started to develop confidence with the moves. There is some real talent on show! There is always lots of positive energy in the room and its pleasing to see the students promote respectful relationships as they partner with peers that they have potentially never spoken to before. It’s lovely to see the students having fun, enjoying each other’s company, and learning something new, outside of the classroom.

The year 10 students were surveyed about their initial responses to dance lessons. There was some very positive feedback:

‘At first I thought it would be too crowded and we wouldn’t be able to work well but we ended up doing really good’ – Joseph Rahme

‘People felt nervous at first but became very comfortable with each other’ – Isaac Goro

‘I thought it would be very awkward and uncomfortable, but it turned out to be a great experience. It was also much more enjoyable than I thought’ – Alice Khachan

‘ It was fun because we got to socialise with people in our year level in a fun way’ – Elias Alam

‘I thought there would be people being annoyed because of who they were partnered up with but really it gave us an opportunity to make new friends and get along with others’ – Angie Alraawan

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