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Year 11 Excursion to the Old Melbourne Gaol

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Year 11 Legal Studies students visited the Old Melbourne Gaol to discover first-hand what life was like for the men and women who lived and died inside the Gaol which housed both dangerous and petty offenders, as well as the homeless and mentally ill between 1842 – 1929. Students were given a private tour which included interesting facts about the way the prison was run. The tour provided the students with a breathtaking immersion into a past world of crime, justice, and punishment. Our experience at the Old Melbourne Gaol will provide for a great discussion upon our return to the classroom when we compare our findings with our current world of crime, justice system, and punishment.

Our day at the Old Melbourne Gaol also included a Court Room Drama in the Old Magistrates Court. Each student had a role to play in the Culpable Driving Court Room Drama – A nineteen-year-old man charged with culpable driving causing death. The role play provided students the opportunity to engage in a legal scenario which is complex and a relevant scenario in their lives. The courtroom props and setting allowed the students to gain real insight into the legal procedures in the court room and connect and apply their learnings from the classroom to a real courtroom setting. Every student is to be congratulated for their maturity, empathy and credibility when playing their role in the courtroom drama.

The student smiles were in abundance and the bus ride home included many conversations about our legal system, crime in Melbourne and a studying Law. I am hopeful that today’s experience at the Old Melbourne Gaol has inspired many to continue their interest and study in our Legal Justice System.

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