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Year 12 Business Management Excursion - Yakult Tour

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

In Unit 3, Outcome 3 Business Management, students learn how businesses coordinate and organise the activities involved in producing the goods or services that a business sells to customers. In other words, how a business efficiently and effectively turns an input into an output. To consolidate our learning, Wednesday 22 June, we visited the Yakult Operations Site in Dandenong North. The site visit to Yakult provided an excellent opportunity for Business Management students to deepen their understanding of how a manufacturing business, such as Yakult, can optimise their Operations Management through technology, quality management and waste management while maintaining high Corporate Social Responsibility. We learnt that Yakult produce 11,000 outputs per hour, five days a week, with minimal human labour as it is a capital intensive (automative) business. We also learnt Yakult as not had a recall on any of their outputs to date and this is a credit to their intense Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Taste testing a Yakult drink was a highlight as well as leaving with a show bag of goodies.

The students are to be congratulated for their enthusiasm and cooperation on the day. Jessica, our tour guide, commented on the students’ high level of interest and knowledge of Operations. The experience was fun, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to apply our content knowledge learnt in the classroom to a real-world business example.

Ms Cometti & Year 12 Business Management

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