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Year 12 History Excursion

Monday, July 25, 2022

The Chinese Museum, despite being hidden amidst the busy Chinatown, was packed full of surprises for our history class. Piling in on a rainy afternoon we looked around the many floors of the museum, each one giving us insight into a culture so far from our own. From the remarkable displays of the processional dragons to the progressive ideas and inventions of the Han Dynasty, the museum appealed to our individual interests and questions about Chinese history.

One of the many highlights of the museum was an insight into Chinese tradition through an altar hidden within the lower floors. The altar, just large enough to fit our class, instructed us to ask a question and take a random scripture from the many on the walls as guidance. With a beautifully intimate atmosphere the altar gave us the opportunity to bask within Chinese tradition and their methods of reflection and reassurance, and I believe this was especially beneficial to us as we start to progress into new stages of life.

With a statue of one of China’s greatest leaders Sun Yixian marking the location, the Chinese museum provided us with not just insight about Chinese culture and how it influences revolution, but about their history within Australia and the traditions that continue to follow each generation.

- Lilyana Dayoub 12A

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