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Year 12 Wellbeing Excursion - Archie Brothers

Friday, March 04, 2022

Student recount:

The Archie Brothers excursion was a much need one. It was a day to remember after the tough couple of years we have had. Thank you to the teachers for organising this special day. This day contained many activities such as bowling and arcade games as we were also provided with food and drinks. It was an opportunity to take care of our mental health and wellbeing. Allowing us to do these activities gave us the opportunity to rekindle those friendships that were lost and work on the ones we already have. I felt like this excursion brought the year level much closer and it was a day to remember.

This excursion took our mind off schoolwork for a day, and it was great to take a break as this very big year has started off strong. Overall, this excursion was a great experience, and it’s defiantly one to remember. On behalf of all the students we are very grateful for this wellbeing day as we have created many memories to cherish.

By: Jana Diab

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