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Year 2 Excursion to CERES

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

As an exciting end to our History and Geography topic of ‘Walking with the Wurundjeri People’, Grade 2A and Grade 2B visited CERES. It was a fantastic experience learning about the Aboriginal culture. Back at school the children wrote a recount of their day.

First, we went to school then we went on the bus. We hopped on bus 11. Then we saw that we were already there. We hopped off the bus and went into CERES. Mia gave us all gum leaf and told us to rip it and smell it. It smelled good. I liked its smell. Then we went with Mia and she told us which plants we can eat like saltbush, pig face, mint bush, lemon myrtle and spinach. Everybody got to taste one and Mia told us that the Aboriginal People say, ‘take what you need not what you want.’ My favourite was the pig face because it tasted sweet and juicy. I loved it. I liked CRERS.

- Lawrence Matti 2A

On Tuesday I went to CERES. First the whole class got on the bus. Next when we arrived, we put our bags under the shelter. After we smelled a gum leaf. Later we used ochre to draw on our hands. Finally, we ate lunch and played on the playground. Later we dressed up as animals to act like the story called ‘Tiddilick the frog’. Tuesday was the best, I felt happy.

- Elias Farah 2A

On Tuesday the 15th of November we went to Ceres. Some of our mums came too. First, we went on the bus and it didn’t take long to get there. Next, we arrived and we learned some Aboriginal words that mean ‘welcome’. Then we ate a fruit snack. Later we went into a room and Tully read the story of Tiddalick the frog and we got to perform it. We dressed up as cockatoos, kangaroos, Tiddalick, eels, possums and elders. I was one of the cockatoos. After lunch we followed Mia and she showed us the native plants and we got to eat some. I liked all of them. They were so yummy! Finally, we had a snack and when we finished eating, we had a little play on the playground. After that we went with Tully again and he showed us how to paint with ochre. We painted Aboriginal symbols on our arms, legs and faces. We also did a short reflection with some leaves. We had the best day!

- Ibrahim El Saleh 2B

On Tuesday the 15th of November the grade twos went on an excursion to Ceres. First, we went on the bus. Lots of mum’s came including my mum. Mia and Tully welcomed us and we ate a fruit snack. Then we went into a room with Tully and he read us Tiddalick the frog. We had to dress up into animal costumes that were in the story. After lunch we went on a bush tucker walk and tasted leaves like salt bush, river mint, pig face and lemon myrtle. After we played on the playground. In the afternoon, we got to paint our faces, legs and arms with ochre. Finally, we went back to school. I had so much fun, but I was very tired.

- Joseph Ibrahim 2B

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