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Year 3-6 Arabic Music Workshop

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Music is an integral part of any culture and to develop the students’ awareness of our music; students in Year 3B, 4A, 5A & 6A were introduced to the Arabic music and the instruments used by attending a workshop conducted by Mr Camille Feghali. Students were given a short introduction about them and were introduced to the differences between Eastern and western music. Everyone had the chance to play some of these instruments with the guidance of Mr Feghali.

Below are some of the students’ feedback:

  • We were introduced to the different musical instruments played by Mr Camille and we got to play some of those instruments like the riqq. - Nahme Merhi 6A
  • The workshop was very entertaining, and Mr Camille was very nice. - Joelle El Ali 5A
  • It was a great experience learning about the Arabic instruments and playing these instruments. - John Baalbaki 6A
  • Mr Camille visited our school today who played Arabic music and taught us about the different musical instruments. I can’t wait for high school to learn more about these amazing musical instruments. - Zeina Alnasseir 6A
  • During Mr Camille’s workshop we were introduced to different Arabic musical instruments. We took turns to play these instruments. We listened to different pieces of music, and we had to guess their origin. - Maria Khabbazeh 6A
  • The workshop was amazing. It was so much fun to learn about the different musical instruments and play them. - Ella Azzi 5A
  • I had fun at the Arabic music workshop, and I learned new things. - Paola Elisha 4A
  • It was fun, and we got to play derbake. - Mason Elkhouri 4A
  • It was interesting to listen to the different instruments. Some were deep. - Tiana Tabet 4A
  • I liked when we took turns in playing the different musical instruments. - Benjamin Tannous 4A
  • I learnt about new instruments. It was so much fun especially when I played the derbake. Some of our friend danced the dabke while were playing the music. - Joey Azzi 4A

- Ms Rima Atme

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