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Year 3 MAV Games Day

Friday, August 05, 2022

On Friday, 5 August, we sent a team of four boys from Year 3 to represent Antonine College at the MAV (Mathematics Association of Victoria) Games Day at Derrimut Primary School. It was a beautiful school with lots of fun areas to play in, but we spent most of the day in the gym with the other competitors. We completed problem-solving challenges, played three different games against an opponent from another school, and at the end of the day we raced through a maths relay! It was both challenging and fun, and we were proud to represent our school.

Elias Diab, George Farhah, Reinard Kadamani and Gabby Makalintal, Year 3

Bonus challenge – win a badge!

As no one has claimed the MAV prize badges yet, here are some more questions. The first five students to come to Ms. Mori with correct responses to these questions will win a badge! Look at the team photo in front of the colourful glass wall.

  1. How many window panes are in each colour? Order the colours from “most panes” to “least panes.”
  2. If the tallest student is 1.5m tall, estimate how tall the glass wall is above him.
  3. Is more of the wall made of clear or opaque glass?
  4. How many rectangles all together are there above the door?
  5. What shape is the whole glass wall?

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