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Year 3 Werribee Zoo Excursion

Friday, October 28, 2022

On Friday the 28th of October the year 3 students went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. We were very excited to see all the amazing African and Australian animals. Some of our favourites were the lions, gorillas, Vervet Monkey’s, hippos, meerkats, koalas and kangaroos. We spent the day learning about animal’s habitats and their survival from their predators. One thing I learnt was that you can tell if an animal is a carnivore or herbivore from their skulls. We were a little disappointed we couldn't see the giraffes, zebras and rhinos because of floods but we loved all the animals we did get to see and had a great day.

- Elias, Anastasia, Chloe and Antonio (3A)

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