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Year 5-6 Cricket program

Monday, March 28, 2022

At the start of week six, Cricket Australia came over to our school and taught us how to play cricket, along with some awesome tricks! Grade 6 had three sessions of cricket and Grade 5 had two, and each was a delight! The instructor was extremely kind and did his best to make sure we were all happy and having fun. He taught us some ways to assure you hit the ball with the bat, where a batter should stand, how to correctly throw the ball and aim for the wicket, and many more! We played some fun warm-up games, such as attempting to flip as many cones as we can as a team, and either placing the ball on top of the cone, or flipping it inwards and then placing the ball! Another game we played was two teams to head to head rolling as many balls as we can to the other side, and the team with fewest amount of balls won! As a class, we had such an enjoyable time learning cricket, and hope we get this opportunity once again!

Written by Mary-Rose Abboud and Maria Khabbazeh, 6A

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