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Year 5 Incursion - Science Discovery Dome

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

On Tuesday 13th of September students from year 5 were fortunate to have had a mobile Planetarium visit the school.

Planetariums are a specially designed theatre with a domed ceiling that can project a realistic image of the night sky, planets, and constellations indoors.

The Year 5 students were thoroughly immersed in the incursion. They found the experience of entering the planetarium infectious and engaging. It provided all students with a deeper understanding of our solar system. The information presented in the session allowed all students to go into their backyard and experience the joy of astronomy.

With the wealth of information the students collected on the day of the incursion, we may hopefully see aspiring astronomers in years to come.

-Mr Nick Triantafillopoulos and Miss Laura Irons

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