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Year 5 Mary McKillop Excursion

Friday, August 05, 2022

As part of our “People of God in Australia” Religion unit, the Grade 5 students ventured out to Fitzroy to explore the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre! Students learnt all about Australia’s first saint, from Mary’s childhood to her canonization in 2010.

Afterwards, we visited St. Patricks Cathedral where we prayed and listened to the organ being played! Then, we walked to Australian Catholic University (ACU) to see the St. Mary of the Cross square and statue on display.

Finally, we jumped back on the bus and headed to the heart of the CBD to end our day at St. Francis Church which is the oldest Catholic church in Victoria and the church where Mary MacKillop was baptised. It was wonderful to learn so much about Mary and all the good she did to help the less fortunate in Australia.

- Ms Laura Irons

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