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Year 6 Maths Extension Excursion - Scienceworks Design Sprint

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

On Tuesday, 8 November, ten Year 6 students headed off to the Design Sprint Challenge: a day of design, creativity, learning and fun at Scienceworks. In the morning, they heard from Dr Mary Woessner, a clinical exercise physiologist from Victoria University, who explained about the problem of people not moving enough because of technologies and the conveniences of modern living (like cars, Uber Eats and Amazon). Then they heard from Dr Wendy Walls, a landscape architectural designer from the University of Melbourne. Dr Walls gave very cool examples of the ways some cities have incorporated active design to get people moving (for example with stairs that look like a piano, or including parks and playgrounds). After the talks, it was time for the students to get active themselves, in the Sportsworks exhibition within Scienceworks. They kicked goals, measured their strength and reaction speeds, and of course raced one another. Finally, they put it all together: the problem of people not moving enough, and the possible solutions and engaging activities they saw or heard about, to design their own solution! Our students built prototypes of their designs: an app that interacts with other games to get kids moving, and an exercise companion robot for adolescent girls.

Congratulations to Catalina, Charbel A, Esther, Gabriel, Jacob, Joud, Lina, Marisya, Samuel and Tia for their clever engineering and positive teamwork.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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