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Year 7-9 Arabic Cultural and Academic Activities

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Year 7-9 students designed games on Kahoot website that included the topics they studied in the first semester, such as school, greetings, trips, temporary work, etc. and presented and played them in class with each other. In addition, year 9 students presented a project about the types of falcons and animals that live in the Arabic desert, the Dakar Rally and the archaeological sites in the Arab world.

Furthermore, all the Arabic language classes participated in the project “My grandmother's shawl”, which is sponsored by VALTA, and each student chose a topic inspired from his/her daily life, based on their experience and enjoyment, and stated the reason for the choice. Students' work will be sent on the 2nd of September, in the hope that the results will be as encouraging and distinct as every year.

- Ms Layla Moussallem Issa

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