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Year 7 Camp

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Week 1 of Term 2 was a much anticipated one for Year 7 students as they looked forward to their camp. Many of the Year 6 camps were interrupted last year due to Covid so it was wonderful to be able to enjoy the days away together.

Our days down at Phillip Island were jam packed with fun activities and events. Almost the whole cohort journeyed together and created memories that will last for a long time. The students are all to be commended on their excellent behaviour throughout the camp. It really was a pleasurable experience for all involved.

One of the initial highlights was Laser Tag. As soon as we arrived at CYC Phillip Island, we departed the buses and geared up for a couple of games of Laser Tag. The blue and red teams organised their bases and took over the campsite hiding behind cabins, tress, beneath bushes and in stairwells in the pursuit of a win. The games were lots of fun and an ideal way to get the adrenalin running. The battles were close, but the red team were victorious in the end.

CYC hosted a range of fun activities such as archery, go carts and the flying fox. Students circulated through the activities, many of them proving to be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the weather was mostly kind so al activities were achievable.

Offsite we walked along the beach, visited the Nobbies and experienced the Penguin Parade, which was another highlight. Sitting on the edge of the shore while the sun disappeared and waiting with anticipation for the little black and white creatures to appear was delightful.

The students were awed as with no warning at all, groups appeared from seemingly nowhere, surfed into the shore and waddled their way up the banks to the safety of their homes. Once the arrival was complete, the students paced the boardwalk for a glimpse into the daily ritual of the penguins. It was truly a lovely experience.

Thank you to all staff and students for their contributions and enthusiasm. An endearing image to finish this article on is that of students and staff sitting around the nighttime fire, cooking marshmallows and indulging in lovely conversation. These are the moments!

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