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Year 7 Humanities Incursion

Friday, July 29, 2022

On Friday 29th July, Year 7 students spent the day bring the ancient world back to life. The students thoroughly enjoyed exploring Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt by participating in a range of workshops hosted by Living History Australia.

Students dressed as Egyptian Priestesses, Pharaohs and slaves as they discovered the social hierarchy of Ancient Egypt. Next up, students transformed into Spartans to understand how perilous the path to manhood was and understand the responsibilities of life as a warrior. Lastly, students learnt of the dangers of the Roman world. Students joined the Gladiatorial Arena and battled their opponent for entertainment.

The day ended with students returning to the classroom to create a tablet with their name written in hieroglyphics. Overall, students were engaged in learning new facts about ancient civilisations whilst comparing them to the modern world.

- Ms Ayesha Guido

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