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Year 7 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

On the 7th of September, the Year 7 Students had the chance to investigate animal adaptions and classification at Melbourne Zoo. During this excursion, students were given the opportunity to experience a program run by the Zoo staff in which they observed real life animal skulls and use their problem-solving skills to classify which animal it belonged to. Students were also given time to collect information for their chosen organism, in which they use in their research assessment upon their return to school.

- Ms Amber Hatsios

The 2022 Melbourne Zoo excursion was an exciting and educational experience for both the teachers and students of Antonine. Our day started on the warm lawn of the Zoo’s natural parkland before teachers and students departed ways to go and view some of Australia’s most exotic animals. My group, named Group Capybara, decided to embark on the Lion Gorge path first, making our way from the kings of the jungle (who were hidden away sleeping) to the Snow Leopards and finally, the Tigers. Students were energetic and in awe of the animals even if they were hard to see and were eager to continue exploring. After visiting the Australian Bush next, students were beginning to fatigue under the warm rays of sunshine, this was when the groups then met up and sat under a gorgeous 150-year-old Moreton Bay fig tree. Students sat quietly and respectfully while a worker informed them on the ways animals evolve over time using physical and behavioural adaptations, this was insightful, and the students left the activity feeling knowledgeable and appreciative. As the day came to an end and students loaded onto the buses, the smiles on their faces highlighted that this truly was a wild experience.

- Mr Jack Kirkman

Some quotes taken from student reflections on the excursion:

Joshua – “One thing I loved is having fun with my friends and seeing the blue and gold macaw close up”

William – “I learnt a lot about my chosen organism for my assessment and how it adapted in the wild”

Clara – “We got to explore our animals and it was so fun, we have memories we will never forget”

Maryam – “Overall I found this excursion engaging and amazing, we got to see many beautiful animals!”

Dareen 7D – “My favourite part was just seeing all the different types of animals with my friends because I hadn’t seen them in a long time.”

Jasmine 7C – “My favourite part was the free time and educational talk we had before lunch, was very fun learning about the different skulls, especially the Monkeys!”

Laith 7B – “Seeing this zoo’s display of animals, I had been to other zoos in Australia, but this was my first time at the Melbourne Zoo.”

Melina 7A – “Seeing the underwater habitat was my favourite part because it was the first time I’ve ever seen a seal swimming in what looked like its natural home. It was fantastic!”

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