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Year 8 and 9 Liturgy

Friday, August 19, 2022

On Friday 19th August and Friday 26th August year 8 and 9 students were able to partake in a year level liturgy. During one of the Homily’s Monsenior Joe spoke about the importance and responsibility we have as children of God to spread the word of God and understand our purpose in the world. These liturgies allowed students to connect as a year level and pray for all those who are sick and suffering, for those who have lost loved ones and for world peace and stability around the world especially in Lebanon. Thank you to members of Patterson house (year 8) and Nassar house (year 9) for your wonderful participation in the reading of prayers and Ghazal, Sally and Doreen for leading the year 8’s in singing the hymns.

- Miss Isabella Athaide

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