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Year 8 Retreat

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Year 8 Retreat was held on the 24th of May and focused on the Year 8 theme of Connections. Students completed various activities around connecting with God and each other and ended the day with a liturgy celebrated by Monsignor Joe. Thank you to all Year 8 Religious Education teachers for their involvement in the day and the Year 8 students for their participation in all activities.

"On the 24th of May, the Year 8 students had their retreat. This year’s theme was about friendships and our relationship with God. Throughout the day, students and their teachers had thoughtful discussions about the relationships with their friends and how to overcome difficult challenges in friendships. We also learned about forgiveness by watching the story about the heartbreaking accident with the Abdallah family in Sydney. Student were inspired by the mother’s forgiveness towards the man. We finished the day with a lovely prayer service in the Chapel with Monsignor Joe. We thank all the teachers who put time and effort to make this day enjoyable. The Year 8 students were pleased with the fun activities." - Ghazal Almaari, 8 Nassar

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