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Year 9 Camp Reflection

Friday, May 13, 2022

Last week our 2022 Year 9 cohort went on camp the Coonawarra Gamp Resort in Gippsland. The week was used to make new friends, have fun as a group and enjoy the nature. We started our camp by going on a lovely walk through the Den of Nargun, where we got to see lots of greenery and a river. We also saw a cave and got told a dream time story that the aboriginals used to tell. Everyone got back on the bus to start our ride to the campsite and when we got there everyone had some time to unpack, play outside and talk to each other.

We had our first camp dinner together and after that it was time for us to rest and we were all looking forward to the activities awaiting us. On the first day everyone got split into groups with their friends and got to do activities such as canoeing, raft making, the giant swing, flying fox, the maze, damper making and horse riding. In my opinion, I loved the canoeing because I got to swim in the lake which was funny being in the cold water with my friends.

As it got late, we had a Disco Bingo night which I know everyone loved. We got to have fun with our teachers, everyone was having a laugh and it was overall a great experience. On the second night we had the night walk which was probably the best thing ever besides the fact that it was raining so hard it was like everyone had a shower in the bush. We got back had showers got dried up and went to our cabins.

On the last night we had the talent show where we got to sing, dance and have fun with each other. The teachers made our camp great because of them acting like our friends rather than just teachers. When it was time to leave some of us were happy and some didn’t want the week to end. Everyone left with a smile on their faces as we thanked the Coonawarra crew members that did so much for us such as made us three meals a day with snacks, helped us with activities and were there to have fun with us. The bus ride home was tiring because of all the fun activities we had done and having to wake up so early. In conclusion I think Year 9 camp was a HUGE success and we would love to do it all over again. - Alena Younis 9C

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