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Year 9 Electives

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Artwork explanations:

Natalie: The assessment was Global Issues. Natalie decided to do the pandemic and designed an artwork around the idea of connection in. the online world, particularly gaming, during the pandemic. She has incorporated things like Country flags, gaming symbols and some of her own personal metaphors to represent the idea.

William: Looking at Global Issues as a theme, Will chose to complete an artwork based on covid and how it has taken the world by storm. The surrounding germs symbolise how widespread the virus is and the nurse symbolises the goodness amongst it all.

Veronica: Before lockdown 4.0 hit, Veronica was working on an extension task in fashion - to sew a garment following a commercial pattern. Veronica took this home with her and we completed the garment online through Teams calls. She showed outstanding enthusiasm and understanding through the challenge of online learning. Her sister, Joelle in year 8, modelled the dress beautifully for her submission photo.

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