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Year 9 Final Assembly and Reflection

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

This year in year 9, we were fortunate enough to have a full year of school onsite without many interruptions from Covid. At the beginning of the year, we were introduced to our teachers and classes and quickly settled in. Our classes have become like a family to us, with everyone being so supportive and kind to one another as well as involved in their learning journey. The teachers have offered immense support especially throughout exam period where stress levels ran high. Teachers found strategies of how to communicate information learnt in class to students in an enjoyable manner so that they will remain attentive in their classes. Camp was an outstanding highlight for us being able to bond with our peers and participate in many camp like activities such as, canoeing, ziplining and a disco bingo night! Staying up late, eating snacks and laughing in our cabins were definitely memories we’ll forever cherish. Another dominant highlight was that year 9’s were able to participate in the Year 9 Production Showcase. Through our elective groups, students were able to create props for our play, ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,’ as well as rehearse dances for the dance items that were performed prior to the play. Everyone was very encouraging and we all shared many laughs together. This year’s year 9 theme was, ‘Bridges,’ and we can confidently state that the year 9’s this year have definitely stepped it up and built their own ‘bridges,’ their own connections with their classes, teachers and self-discovery.

- Tahlya Mardini 9B and Rawan Gudo 9B

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