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Year 9 Humanities Excursion - Sovereign Hill Ballarat

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

On Wednesday 7th of September, the year 9 group went to Sovereign Hill, to discover and explore the inventions of the Industrial Revolution with the help of history teachers, Mrs Gardner and Ms Hartnup. We all enjoyed this excursion, especially since it felt like travelling back in time to the Victorian era in the 1850s. It has several informative displays and is made up to look like a coastal village. We got to experience a day in the life of a school student, attending a primary school, using ink pens, chalkboards, fireplace, and a triangle bell. Numerous inventions were seen, and their histories were displayed through the help of the workers explaining their unique purposes and how it severely impacted the people. We were able to enjoy our excursion through the various shops to explore the different clothes styles, cafes and bakeries, candy shops, medicine shops/pharmacies, newspaper stores and a gold pouring shop. We all enjoyed this successful excursion and hope to go again.

- Ms Josiane Gardner

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