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Year 9 Music Excursion

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Year 9 Music Excursion to the Music Vault and The Channel

The Australian Music Vault is found in Hamer Hall in the Arts Centre precinct. It is a free permanent exhibition that showcases past and present Australian contemporary music. Our students explored the museum with direction from a very enthusiastic guide, who used various stimuli found within the museum to help the students write an original song. The displays were colourful and informative and captured our imagination as we learnt significant facts about our Australian music heritage.

The second part of the excursion found us in The Channel which is a high-tech learning lab that houses sophisticated recording equipment for participants to explore their creative side. Here students participated in a 1 ½ hour workshop using the music program ACID. During this time our facilitator taught some basic skills to allow students to mix an original composition and many recorded their original lyrics over their arrangement. Students were completely engaged in the creative process and are now able to use the knowledge to continue to write and compose songs.

Student Reflection

Yesterday, the Grade 9 Music class and their teacher, Miss Pote, enjoyed an eventful trip to the city where they composed their own music, created their own lyrics, relaxed, and explored the Melbourne Art Centre. Leaving at 10 o’clock, the students arrived at the city at about 10:30 where they first explored the Melbourne Art Centre, learning about different types of music, 65,000 year old Aboriginal songs, and once-famous singers. At the end a few students performed their wonderful songs (shoutout to Amer Shami)! Coincidently, the students also learned about songs that mentioned the “Stolen Generations”, the topic they are currently studying in English class. Afterwards, the students received a box full of treats as a welcoming gift and then ate lunch in the park. Later the students went to a modern, techy studio where they composed their own music, wrote their own lyrics, and recorded their own songs with the help of ‘Joshua’. On the way back, the students were asked how much they enjoyed the trip, and the average was 8.5! In conclusion, this trip was an eventful experience that everyone enjoyed, from the students to the teachers and staff, and I, on behalf of the students, want to thank Miss Pote for organising it and spending the time to create this wonderful event instead of just giving us a normal old lesson, we all appreciate it.

Shoutout to Marc Haddad, Joshua, George Farhah, and Miss Pote!

- Michél Salboud Year 9

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