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Year 9 WW1 History Excursion

Monday, October 24, 2022

Our year 9 students were immersed into World War One with a presentation from Robert. He brought a variety of artefacts to show the students and teach them what life was like during this period. Some students had the opportunity to dress up in soldiers clothing and get up and close to a replica Lee Enfield Rifle.

- Ms Stephanie Hartnup

The Incursion was very interesting, it was fun to learn about what the soldiers would wear, eat, and use to fight in war, also what was engaging was that we learnt what a soldier would have to do if one of their troops died. The presenter Robert, who was a trainee to fight in war described to us the side effects of what can happen to you mentally and physically, such as shell shock which only occurred when you have been exposed to heavy bombing. He also showed us the equipment the army would use such as grenades, rifles, and bayonets. Overall, it was a good experience to learn about World War 1 in a fun way.

- Chloe Mouhamad 9D

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